What is Anglican

Anglicanism is an expression of Christianity that embraces a historical past from the British Isles. Its history is not limited to Henry the VIII founding the Church of England in the mid 1500’s. Early roots of the church in England can be dated as early as the 2nd century. Because there are indications that Christians merchants came to live in the Roman military garrisons on the British Isles. Most note worthy is the legend that says Joseph of Arimathea brought Christianity to the British isles in either 36-38 or 63 AD. Moreover, the early church fathers Tertulian,( 160-220) and Origen, ( 184-253 AD) both mention Christian converts among the Britons. Bishops are mentioned as attending church councils in the 300’s. So it is safe to say that the church in England has a long history of development that has historic identity and connection to the early church in Jerusalem.

Anglican worship is word based, liturgical/sacramental and charismatic. It is a holistic spirituality that embraces the whole person in an engaging community. The Anglican Communion world wide has 80 million members.