The Seventh/Fourth Sunday of Advent

This is the last Sunday in our Advent celebration. However the celebration is just starting. We will celebrate Christmas day. then The celebrate 12 days after Christmas or Christmastide until January 6, the Epiphany.

The seventh Sunday of Orthodox Advent

Today a white decorated candle is lite. It is the candle that focuses our attention on the “why” of Jesus’ coming. The coming at birth and his second coming in judgment.

The scripture reading is Luke 2: 1-52.

The fourth Sunday in the Western Advent Celebration

Today the candle is purple and indicates love. Love is the hallmark of Trinitarian covenant activity,particularly as evidenced in Christ’s birth,( John 3:16). It had been foretold by the prophets. Love should be the major focus of the church as it is today.

The Scripture is Luke 2: 1-52.