Merry Christmas: Christmas Tide starts Today

Today starts Christmas tide in the Church calendar. It is the time that we spend celebrating the birth of the King and Lord of creation, Jesus the Christ. It is ends January 6th, the Epiphany. Subsequently, we have just spent four weeks thinking about the King’s return and our responsibility as we await that return. Now it is time to think of Jesus’ first coming or birth.

The Story behind the Story

During Christmas day or at least during the Christmas eve service, scriptures are read from Isaiah 9:6, Matthew chapters 1 &2, and Luke chapters 1-3. We focus on Joseph and Mary, Bethlehem, a star, singing angels, shepherds, wise men, a manager and a king who is born. However, what is the deep story about this child Jesus? What does it mean to us? During the next twelve days, we will spend time pondering these questions.

So Merry Christmas today, Emanuel: God with us!!!