Joy Sunday: the Third Sunday of Advent

A Collect for Sunday

O God, you make us glad with the weekly remembrance of the glorious resurrection of your Son our Lord: Give us this day such blessing through our worship of you, that the week to come may be spent in your favor; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Joy Sunday

The third Sunday of Advent is called Gaudete Sunday. Gaudete is the Latin for joy. The candle is pink, the liturgical color for joy. Joy will be the focus for this week. But what is joy. Is it happiness? Is it always smiling and jovial? What is joy?

Joy: a subtle response to Trinitarian activity in the world.

Joy is often thought of as happiness. Consequently, Christians think they have to be happy since joy is a fruit of the Spirit. But happiness is totally caused by outward circumstances. As such, it is fleeting. In the New Testament, joy is that inward confidence that God is faithful to his covenant and to those who keep covenant. It is the attitude that despite appearances, we, God and his faithful people, are progressing the Kingdom of God. It is that deep abiding idea: We’ve got this.

Rejoice!! the King is coming

It is this joy that compels us by the Holy Spirit to work towards Christoformity. We will be people of allegiance to our Lord and King. We will desire one thing personally and as a gathered community. Our desire will be to be called good and faithful servants at his appearing. May this Advent time find you filled with joy as we serve our King.

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