Friday after 2nd Sunday of Advent

Peace: the Second Candle

We have been celebrating Advent by using candles to remind us of the focus of the Advent season. The first Candle was hope. Now we focus on peace. Peace is third in the list of fruit of the Spirit,(Gal. 5: 22-24). Fruit can be understood as character. In this case because it is from the Holy Spirit it is the character of Christ or Christoformity. What then is peace?

Blessed are the Peacemakers…

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God,” Matt. 5:9. Jesus indicates that his kingdom people are peacemakers. Blessed is a word that means God as Trinity in covenant is close to us. He is uniquely loving his people so that the relationship is good, functions as God intends. The result is peace. Peace is harmony and the lack of tension in relationship. It allows, when the relationship is based on Gods dynamic,( commands), the two in relationship to relax and be who God is making them, little Christs.

The environment of Peace

As the people of the Kingdom of God, we are peace makers because we have experienced God’s reconciling act of love that has healed the results of our rebellion. Consequently as we experience that loving reconciliation, it then becomes our duty to extend and experience that with fellow kingdom people because we love as God loves. We are the body. In the body, we experience all that God in Trinity is as a community. It is where we learn to love. Love is the basis for our actions of reconciliation.

Leave your gift at the altar

“So if you are bringing your gift to the altar,( an act of worship) and remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift, go reconcile with your brother,” Matt. 5: 23-24. The Jewish worshipers were expected to reconcile where wrongs had been done. It was two fold, the wronged and the one who wronged. The wrong was required to go but the wronged was required to listen and accept the desire for forgiveness and reconciliation. Subsequently, as an alternative culture we must show the world true love and peaceful relationships. Is it possible that this is hindering the activity of our King in our assembly, the failure to reconcile. Is there someone that you need to reconcile? Therefore, go and be a son of God as a peace maker.