Aloha Hawaii

Aloha from Don and Kelli Jo Steiner. We are very excited to call the Big Island home. In response to God’s call to start an Anglican Church on Hawaii island, we moved from Vavau, Tonga in June 2017. Prior to moving to Tonga, we lived in Camas, Washington. Kelli and I have been married 21 years. We have 4 children and 5 grand children. Over this time, God had us serving in a few churches in Camas. We served mainly in the teaching and counseling ministry. Although we didn’t know it, we were heading down the Canterbury trail into the Anglican Church.

The Road Becomes Clearer

Most notewothy was our experience in St. Paul’s Cathedral in St. Paul Minnesota. As we walked around the outer portico, the carved wooden reliefs of various Christians who went before us made us aware of our shallow historical identity. Consequently, as we questioned, God brought books and lectures into our lives. Robert Webber, N. T. Wright, John Polkinghorne and others made us more aware of liturgy, calendar and the Kingdom of God.

The Next Step

Finally we decided to attend an Anglican Church. That was Pentecost Sunday 2010. Consequently, we fell in love with the liturgy. As a result we started learning the rich history behind it. Like Kelli says,” it is like acting out the story of Jesus every Sunday with a group of people,” We feel so honored to be apart of God’s activity in this plant and share the Kingdom of God experience with others.

Kelli enjoys helping people as licensed massage therapist in the state of Hawaii. Her business name is Rai of Hope Massage. Kelli is an artist and works at the Genesis Gallery.

Don is a retired lab technician and is in the transitory diaconate. He has a BA in theology, 1982 San Jose Christian College, BS in Environmental Management, 1998 Concordia University, Portland and a MA in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, 2012, George Fox Seminary.

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  1. Brandy acol says:

    So happy Christ has brought me to this following, and. I am able TO learn from Kelli and Don.

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